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Sub Hosting


Sub hosting is the concept of putting your web site on a company's server, which is designed to hold many other sites. This server is your sites home on the internet. This method of putting your presence on the web costs nothing, however you do not have the luxury of displaying your name as per this example: Instead, your web sites' address may appear more like this: It is just a way for the sub host to advertise their name while still letting your web site do its job. Also, on top of the frustration of long URL's, is the annoying advertisement banners which plague the top of the browser window. These exist solely to support the sub host and/or the advertisers and must be displayed in order to maintain your site, they cannot be removed. Sub hosting is not for everyone. It is a good idea for someone who would like to have a personal or family web site and not have to pay a relatively large amount of money. Also, it could be a beneficial idea for the owner of a new business who is looking to cut start-up costs and just obtain a presence first.

Before you choose how to host your site, ETS recommends going over the information on this page and the related information on this link carefully. A web site could be a fun and potentially profitable expierence for anyone, but please remember. Choose your web site host and development firm carefully. Do not base your decesion solely on popularity or advertisment.

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